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Southern Grace Family of Brands

Southern Grace ® - A classy brand for southern and western women and girls. Southern Grace themes are generally more inspiration, faith-based, and region-based.Grace & Emma™ - Bohemian, southern, whimsical style for cover-ups, shorts, dresses, and more.

Southern Junkie™ - Inspired from Southern Grace & Daisy Rae designs, Southern Junkie Jewelry is handmade, hand-painted, and high-quality jewelry.

Grace & Emma™ - Southern, whimsical style for cover-ups, shorts, dresses, and more.

Daisy Rae™ - Born with sass and a little attitude, Daisy Rae is a new brand that speaks to those who are proud of their roots and love to show 'em!


Generally, all sales are final. However, our goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, and we are always willing to work with you on returning items. We require that you report any missing or damaged items from an order within 48 hours of receiving products. If you are not happy with a purchase, please report the return within 48 hours of receiving the product. Unless the return is due a damaged product or mis-pulled items, all returns will be accessed a 15% restocking fee and must be shipped back at your own expense. Final sale or clearance items cannot be returned. If a product is discontinued, we will not be able to take returns on the style. All returns must be assigned an Return Authorization (RA) number. All returns must be sent back USPS, ground service.

Please fill out a return request. Log in at > my account > orders > please click the order you received the damaged item on > request a replacement or refund. Please fill out in the information and you'll hear back from us within 24-48 hours.


Rule of thumb: Double your investment!

If you would like to anonymously report someone, please fill out the form here.

Southern Grace is dedicated to fair trade and building a high quality brand. Once you are approved as a retailer, you have the right to sell our products at whatever price you seem fair. However, we have a policy in place to protect the profitability of our retailers. Any Southern Grace shirt bought from us or form our distributors, must be sold at double your cost. We reserve the right to stop selling to any retailers, we feel, who are selling our products at an unfair low price, thus affecting the market unfairly.

You will find a Minimum Resale Price (MRP) on all items listed online. We emphasize that this is a MINIMUM price. Often, these shirts get sold for much more than the stated minimum. Occasional sales that you decide to have in store are fine, but we ask that you do not markdown the product by price, but by percentage. For example, "Entire store 10% Off!" That would mean the listed price on the shirt does not go below the minimum, but because of a store sale, it is okay. Many brands have this policy to protect retailers from those who are undercutting prices. Also, if it is a seasonal item, you can drop the price within 1 week before and after of the holiday. So, if it's a Christmas shirt, you can do a sale price on Christmas items from December 18th to January 1st.

It saddens us that we have to close accounts because some retailers refuse to follow the minimum. Please understand that we do not find pleasure in closing accounts. Rather, we want all retailers to be happy, for a very long time, selling our products.


In order to keep SKUs consistent and brand image up to par, our retailers are not permitted to sell products on other platforms without informing us. Please contact with questions regarding this policy.


As of January 1st, 2016, we no longer accept businesses, who sell out of their home. To become an approved retailer, you must have a brick & mortar store or a fully functioning website that fulfills out of a commercial location. Once you are approved, we ask that you place in order in the first 7 days because it is a temporary approval.

As of June 27, 2016, we have halted our territory protection policy. Retailers who are buying $5,000 or more per quarter will continue to be territory protected. This includes orders done online and at market. Here are the reasons we have changed our policy on territory protection:

  1. Unfortunately, customers are squatting on territories and not ordering. It prevents many serious buyers from actually carrying our products and making money.
  2. The average retailer carries 30 styles from us, while we have over 600 styles in stock. That means, so many styles are not being carried.
  3. More than ever before, consumers are asking for Southern Grace styles, and we do not have enough retailers to meet demand.
  4. Since migrating to "Limited Edition" styles, we have seen happier customers. Each design comes in at least 2 body styles and a one time only run. Once it's out, it's out. That has meant, no more over saturation in the market!
  5. Retailers have started to wholesale our products to other retailers who are in territory conflict areas. This is causing many retailers to be upset with us, while we have no control over this.


Southern Grace was started as an idea and founded in 2014. Since then, with the help of Silver Moon, Southern Grace has grown as a popular brand across the US. Silver Moon is an exclusive wholesaler for our products. While not all of our designs can be bought through Silver Moon, they carry a portion of all of our brands. Any retailer with a valid tax ID can buy through Silver Moon, but the only way to have full access to 100% of our designs is through Southern Grace directly.


We at Southern Grace will always try to provide high quality pictures of models posing the products. You are free to use pictures for your own sites and social media. However, if we find that you are using our pictures to sell ideas to others or call them your own, you will blocked from buying from Southern Grace. We pay freelance artists and our in house designers to come up with unique designs while raising the creativity bar with every design. We take great pride in our designs and do not tolerate knock-offs because of irresponsible picture sharing. We reserve the right to take legal action against anyone without notice.

If you sell online or have a presence on social media, we ask that you list products with the brand name Southern Grace. Customers have found success selling through Instagram and Facebook by tagging posts with #SouthernGrace. Consumers will often click the #SouthernGrace tag to find products they are looking for.


We use FedEx Ground in all shipping, unless you choose otherwise. The map below shows transit times.