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How to Set (and Keep!) NYE Resolutions


Well, that time of year has hit us again! The pressure to pick (and stick to) a goal for the entire year is mounting, and it seems next to impossible. Lucky for you, I have some tips that have helped me get on track and allow me to set and reach my annual resolutions! Here are some tips that I like to use when setting my own goals.

1. Set Realistic Goals

If you set unrealistic goals for yourself, you are only going to be disappointed. You should instead set an achievable goal, and then move to another once you hit it! If I tell myself that my resolution is to have a clean house every night before I go to bed, I will constantly be exhausted by cleaning every day (because let's be real, mess happens every day!). Rather than be disappointed that I am not reaching my goal each night, I should set a more manageable goal of saying I will clean ONE room entirely before bed. This way I can celebrate achieving my goals and reward myself for a job well done, rather than be upset by not hitting goals.

2. Get Proper Tools

Whether it's a planner, work out gear, a meal planning guide, or any other tools to help you achieve goals, it is so important that you set yourself up for success. If you don't have the necessary tools to help you in your journey to achieving your resolutions, you can imagine how much harder it will be on you to meet them. Set yourself up with a budget and buy/source out any tools or items you may need. You will thank yourself later!

3. Celebrate Achievement

Go ahead, you deserve it! However you choose to reward yourself, make sure that you are doing so often. Who doesn't like a little positive reinforcement?! If you don't want to worry about rewarding yourself, have a friend monitor your goals and have them surprise you once you have completed them. You have set these goals with the intentions of bettering yourself, and along the way, you deserve to be treated for a job well done!

4. Commit Time to Your Goals

Just like the proper tools, if you do not set aside the time to work on your resolutions, they may as well not have been made. Waking up earlier to make coffee rather than going through the drive through for example, can lend more time into your schedule to work on other projects, goals, or tasks. After you have set the time aside, once you have surpassed your goals you can then reallocate that time to work on something new. Maybe a new hobby, or taking extra time to set/crush another goal!

5. Hold Yourself Accountable

Just as you would another friend, you need to make sure that you are keeping yourself on track. I'm not for sending yourself on a guilt trip, but you set these goals for a reason. You should be able to stick to them and know *why* it is so important to realize your objective. Don't feel sorry that you may have missed a day with your new resolution, but rather set yourself back on the right track and have the strength to keep going! We are not judged for our missteps, but rather, but the steps we didn't take!

I hope that this helps you in your planning/execution of your new resolutions for 2020. As we enter a new decade, let's work on being our best selves, however we choose to make that happen!

Love, Jackie