How to Set (and Keep!) NYE Resolutions


Well, that time of year has hit us again! The pressure to pick (and stick to) a goal for the entire year is mounting, and it seems next to impossible. Lucky for you, I have some tips that have helped me get on track and allow me to set and reach my annual resolutions! Here are some tips that I like to use when setting my own goals.

1. Set Realistic Goals

If you set unrealistic goals for yourself, you are only going to be disappointed. You should instead set an achievable goal, and then move to another once you hit it! If I tell myself that my resolution is to have a clean house every night before I go to bed, I will constantly be exhausted by cleaning every day (because let's be real, mess happens every day!). Rather than be disappointed that I am not reaching my goal each night, I should set a more manageable goal of saying I will clean ONE room entirely before bed. This way I can celebrate achieving my goals and reward myself for a job well done, rather than be upset by not hitting goals.

2. Get Proper Tools

Whether it's a planner, work out gear, a meal planning guide, or any other tools to help you achieve goals, it is so important that you set yourself up for success. If you don't have the necessary tools to help you in your journey to achieving your resolutions, you can imagine how much harder it will be on you to meet them. Set yourself up with a budget and buy/source out any tools or items you may need. You will thank yourself later!

3. Celebrate Achievement

Go ahead, you deserve it! However you choose to reward yourself, make sure that you are doing so often. Who doesn't like a little positive reinforcement?! If you don't want to worry about rewarding yourself, have a friend monitor your goals and have them surprise you once you have completed them. You have set these goals with the intentions of bettering yourself, and along the way, you deserve to be treated for a job well done!

4. Commit Time to Your Goals

Just like the proper tools, if you do not set aside the time to work on your resolutions, they may as well not have been made. Waking up earlier to make coffee rather than going through the drive through for example, can lend more time into your schedule to work on other projects, goals, or tasks. After you have set the time aside, once you have surpassed your goals you can then reallocate that time to work on something new. Maybe a new hobby, or taking extra time to set/crush another goal!

5. Hold Yourself Accountable

Just as you would another friend, you need to make sure that you are keeping yourself on track. I'm not for sending yourself on a guilt trip, but you set these goals for a reason. You should be able to stick to them and know *why* it is so important to realize your objective. Don't feel sorry that you may have missed a day with your new resolution, but rather set yourself back on the right track and have the strength to keep going! We are not judged for our missteps, but rather, but the steps we didn't take!

I hope that this helps you in your planning/execution of your new resolutions for 2020. As we enter a new decade, let's work on being our best selves, however we choose to make that happen!

Love, Jackie

Christmas Lights Even The Grinch Would Marvel At


See the best Christmas light displays that DFW has to offer - check out these local spots for a great time!

BYOHC: Bring Your Own Hot Cocoa ❤️

1. Vitruvian Lights – Addison

3966 Vitruvian Way

Addison, TX 75001

2. Christmas on the Square - Frisco

8843 Coleman Blvd

Frisco, TX 75034

3. Parade of Lights - Ft. Worth

777 Taylor St. #100

Forth Worth, TX 76102

A Southern Grace Thanksgiving


Southern Must Haves for Your Thanksgiving - Make some of the team's favorite dishes to celebrate with your friends & family this year!

(Credit goes to Basics with Babish)


Cut your onions into halves, then thinly slice with a mandolin. Soak onion strings in the buttermilk for ~15 minutes. Drain and coat in your flour mixture. Once the excess flour has been shaken off, fry in 300*F vegetable oil until golden brown (about 7-9 minutes). Once they have slightly cooled, season with a pinch of your salt!

Stem, crush, & chop all of your cremini mushrooms. Sautée in a sauce pan with the butter. Add in your flour to create a roux. Add in your crushed garlic, and simmer for another minute or so. ADDITIONAL STEP: Add your cognac to deglaze your pan (it should be said here that when I attempted this step, I about flambéed my eyebrows off). Pour in your chicken stock, heavy cream, and dash of soy sauce. Simmer until rich & thick.

Once you have your green beans trimmed of the ends, cut into 1" pieces. Par-boil the green beans and then chill in an ice bath; this will help them keep their structure and not go mushy once in the oven. Once you have strained your beans, add in your Cream of Mushroom Soup and about half of your french fried onions. Mix well and pour into a generously greased pan. Bake in the oven at 350* for 15-20 minutes, then, uncover and add the remaining onions. Bake for another 5 minutes to get the top layer nice and crisp.


Spray a 9 by 13 inch baking dish with cooking spray and set aside. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Melt the butter in a large frying pan. Add the onions, celery, and apples to the butter and season with salt and pepper. Sauté until the celery and onion are translucent, about five minutes. Mix in sage and thyme. Remove from the heat.

In a large bowl, coat the bread with the eggs. Mix in the veggie/butter mixture. Then mix in the parmesan cheese.

Pour the stuffing mixture into the greased pan, pouring the chicken stock over it. Cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove the foil and continue baking for 25-30 minutes longer.


Preheat oven to 375°F. Grease a 2 or 2 1/2 quart casserole dish and set aside. Place the peeled & chopped sweet potatoes in a large pot, cover with water, and boil until tender (about 7 minutes, depending on the size). Drain and return to the pot. Add butter, milk, cinnamon, brown sugar and salt to the potatoes and mash until smooth. Use a hand mixer, if desired, to make them extra smooth. Taste the potatoes and add additional seasonings, if desired.

Transfer the mashed potatoes to the prepared casserole dish. Place in the oven until heated through (if they're warm it will only take a few minutes).

While the sweet potatoes are heating, prepare the topping. In a medium bowl, combine butter, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, salt, and pecans. Stir until thoroughly combined.

Remove the sweet potatoes from the oven. Top with half the marshmallows, then sprinkle half the streusel over the marshmallows. Alternate with the remaining marshmallows and streusel. Place back into the oven for 8-15 minutes, until the topping is bubbly and brown (keep an eye on it so the marshmallows don't burn).

(Credit goes to Karo Syrup)


Add Karo syrup, sugar, butter, and vanilla extract together. Mix on medium speed until combined. Add in one egg at a time until completely mixed together. Slowly start to add your pecans in a little at a time. Tip: add a pinch of nutmeg for a touch of warm spice!

Roll out your pie crust (at room temperature) into a 9" round pie pan. Crimp edges into a decorative pattern. Add your pecan mixture into the pie dish and place in 350* oven for 55-70 minutes. Center of pie should reach 200*F, or when touched spring back to hold its shape.

Southern Grace files federal lawsuit against Makeup Junkie over claims that Makeup Junkie owned a patent


After repeated claims by Makeup Junkie Bags, LLC that Southern Grace Apparel, LLC’s product infringes alleged patent and trade dress rights of Makeup Junkie, Southern Grace filed suit on July 2, 2019 to seek a determination of whether Makeup Junkie even has any patent rights and a ruling that Southern Grace’s product do not infringe any of Makeup Junkie’s alleged rights. Southern Grace is also seeking damages from Makeup Junkie.

The lawsuit states:

Plaintiff Southern Grace Apparel, LLC (“Southern Grace”) files this Complaint against Defendant Makeup Junkie Bags, LLC (“Makeup Junkie” or “Defendant”) for false patent marking in violation of 35 U.S.C. § 292(a) and (b) and false advertising under 15 U.S.C. §1125(a) of the Lanham Act, as well as tortious interference with existing contract and business disparagement under Texas law. Southern Grace seeks actual, special, exemplary, and treble damages, injunctive relief, and its reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of suit from Makeup Junkie. In addition, Southern Grace seeks a declaration that its products do not infringe any patent or federal trademark or trade dress rights of Makeup Junkie.

Southern Grace intends to defend its rights vigorously in response to Makeup Junkie’s claims. Makeup Junkie’s current deadline to file an answer to the lawsuit is September 20, 2019. If you have received communications from Makeup Junkie regarding Southern Grace and you are willing to share those communications, please contact us.

You can read a copy of the Makeup Junkie lawsuit here:

​It’s Rodeo Season!


Yee-Haw! Our Southern wholesale customers know that January means rodeo season!

Shop the Rodeo Collection

We have a number of hot-selling wholesale styles perfectly suited to rodeo season. From tees to raglans to hats & jewelry, we have styles that are sure to please the most Western customers.

Shop the Rodeo Sweetheart Horseshoe Earrings

Our graphic tees are at the heart of every collection. From our classic lace-sleeve raglans to our new Southern patch graphic tees, our styles are sure to wow your customers. And our wholesale prices for the quality can’t be beat! Just add boots!

Shop the Country Girl Patch Tee

​The Love of Leopard {Print}


The Love of Leopard {Print}

There’s something so fierce, so classically Western, about leopard print clothing. Our wholesale customers ask again and again for leopard print styles, and we never fail to deliver. And now leopard print is one of the trending prints for Spring/Summer 2018! Time to explore your wild side!

Click Here to Shop the Classic Lisa's Cross Leopard Raglan

Lisa’s Cross on Leopard is one of our all-time top sellers, and you can see why! Our Southern wholesale clientele loves anything leopard, turquoise, and of course with a classic cross design! If you’re a new Southern wholesale customer looking for the essential Southern style, look no further. And this style is now on sale! Limited stock left. Comes in Mommy & Me as well!

In the South, leopard print is an all-occasion style: and of course, that includes football! When you’re in the bleachers under the Friday Night Lights watching your Texas football, do it in style! This wholesale favorite is a crowd pleaser year after year:

Shop the Down Set Hut Leopard Raglan

With Rodeo season already in swing, lasso some of our wholesale favorite accessories, like our hot-selling leopard hats!

Shop our Leopard Accessories

Wholesale customers: Don’t miss out on this 2018 hottest trend!

​The Plaid Obsession: Southern Grace Style


Have you gotten in on the plaid obsession? Our plaid blanket scarves were brought back by popular demand. We added many new styles this season, and now also carry smaller sized scarves for kids too! Now you can stock your shop so that the little ones can also stay warm and cozy all while looking fashionable.

Wholesale customers: We literally can’t keep our plaid kimonos in stock! You better get them while they last! So trendy and stylish, all your customers will snatch them up.

We’ve adorned a few of our Christmas favorites with plaid elbow patches. Elbow patches are in right now and are hot sellers! You don’t want to miss out on this trend.

If you’re looking for a classic style of plaid we have several different variations of flannels. From navy and white, navy and red, to a cross decorating the back we’ve got it all! Something for everyone.

Check out this peek of plaid with our new sweetheart top for a more girly and sophisticated look. It’s the perfect way to subtly show off a love for plaid.

We--and our wholesale customers--are so plaid obsessed, we’re even incorporating plaid into our jewelry! The tassel necklaces are something you’re going to want to have. They’re by far one of our most popular jewelry styles. Plaid is never going out of style!

We’ve even taken a new twist on plaid with our hats! With an array of patches to choose from, these hats are sure to bring every outfit and occasion together.

Shop any of these styles by clicking on the picture and it’ll take you directly there!

​Style Spotlight: Merry Christmas, Y’all


It all started in 2015. With the holiday season approaching, the Southern Grace owner-designers wanted to come up with a distinctly southern Christmas raglan, with the Southern Grace signature lace sleeves. Our wholesale customers wanted shirts that said, “Merry Christmas,” but we added a southern twist with a vintage Santa graphic and the inclusion of the most Southern greeting we could imagine. The response from wholesale customers was huge!

Click Here to Shop the Classic Merry Christmas Y’all Raglan

This quickly became one of our top sellers, so much so that we’ve brought it back year after year. Our retailers told us that their customers begged for these as well! If you’re a new Southern wholesale customer looking for a sure thing, this raglan is definitely it. Given its popularity, we chose it to be the first style we have ever carried in 3XL. And of course, we included a matching little girls’ style: now the whole family can match! We absolutely love seeing the large group photos our customers continue to share with us in this style.

Since this graphic tee was such a huge hit year after year, we decided to mix it up and offer two additional styles: a loose-fitting tunic with lace trim, and a new sweater tunic with red crochet elbow patches. And we can’t keep them on the shelves!

Shop the loose-fit tunic | Shop the newest version!

The classic, the tunic, or the trendy (or all of the above)’s up to you! Just grab them now, before it’s too late!


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